Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Saffron infused Badaam Milk

I first tasted badaam milk for a "nombu thurakkal" ceremony(Iftar ceremony) at our neighbour's place probably when I was 10 or 11 years old. It was so tasty that I drank up the entire glass in full gulp. It was a cold, refreshing drink. Even though I wanted a second helping, I was too embarrassed to ask, but our generous hosts gave me a second one. Later, when the recipe of the badaam milk came in Vanitha (our popular women's weekly), I remember memorising it, but never got a chance to actually making it. Years later, when I crave for badaam milk, I just humbly obliged to MTR badaam milk mix, even though the taste doesn't even get close to REAL one.(for me, the real badaam milk is still the neighbour's badaam milk)

But now things have changed. I make this drink every now and then. The REAL one was a cold drink and didn't have much graininess to it. But if I ran out of cheese cloth or if I'm pure lazy to strain it, I have it just like that. And it tastes as good as strained one.

Saffron infused Badaam Milk/Almond Milk

1. Almonds – about 25 no:
2. Full fat milk – 2 cups
4. Sugar – to taste
5. Saffron – a pinch

1. Soak almonds in hot water for about 15 min. Then peel off the skin and set aside.
2. Warm about ¼ cup of milk.
3. Combine almonds and warm milk in a grinder and grind it a very smooth paste.
4. In a heavy bottom saucepan, combine milk, sugar and saffron and bring it to a gentle boil while stirring continuously to prevent burning.
5. Once its about to boil, add the almond paste and stir continuously for about 5-7 min.
6. Take off from heat, strain the milk in a strainer and allow to come cool slightly.
7. Garnish with saffron strands.

Saffron infused Badaam Milk is ready to serve.

Notes to Remember
* Although we grind almonds to a very smooth paste,badaam milk still might have a grainy texture to it. If that suites the tastes buds, no need to strain the badaam milk. If we want to strain the milk,cheese cloth or muslin cloth is best.
* The above mentioned quantity of badaam milk serves 2 people.

So, I made this drink on New years day, marking this as my first post of this year..

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